Does your business need to track which docks at your warehouse have a truck on it?

Do you need to know if they are loading or unloading?

Do you need to transmit this info through many people in your organization?

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With Billboard Mode, your TokenBoard can be displayed worldwide, allowing your audience to see the status in real time

  • Use it to broadcast your warehouse docks
  • Display the status of critical systems on monitors at a control center
  • Broadcast in lunch rooms to alert employees
  • Transmit information to the public on sidewalks, garages or other public spaces

How do I activate Billboard Mode?

How does it work?

Create a special link on your TokenBoard page and using ANY Windows, Apple or Linux computer, launch a browser with the link to start displaying the information on a public monitor. Anyone can display the information as long as they have the link, no need to login or have an account with TokenBoards.com, the link will refresh every 30 seconds.