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Move your schedule with ease

Don’t adapt to the board. Let the board adapt to you.

How it Works

To create your TokenBoard start by entering items or activities that represents your work onto a token. Each square represents a token. Each token may represent individual work items or activities you designate. Include as many details as you wish on your tokens, providing your team with all the information needed to carry out their duties. Columns are comprised of a line of tokens. Each column may represent a product, SKU #, dock, etc.

Share & Collaborate

Once you have created your board(s), now you’re ready to share and collaborate with team members, allowing them to make edits, whether they are in the next office or halfway around the world. Or, share your boards with clients in read-only mode. Much more convenient than spreadsheets and emails!


• Drag and drop with one double click
• Real-time updates
• Billboard mode
• Share boards without having to log in
• Freeze feature lets you freeze a row or column
• No training required

How do I use templates to plan and schedule my projects?

Premium Boards

Only $9.99/month per user!

With Premium Boards, you can create unlimited boards and have access to all our features to aid your company’s and individual project needs. That’s it! Carry on and click here to get started!


Free or Premium?

Free Board

Our Free Board gives you access to one board and all the features of our Premium Boards for 30 days, including the option to share your board and our billboard mode which are usually limited to the premium version. At the end of your 30-day free trial you have the option to upgrade to a Premium subscription. Register here to get started.

Why We Created TokenBoards

The idea for TokenBoards originated from our creator, Juan Soto. Juan managed a production line in Chicago for several years using magnetic boards to maintain production schedules. Creating TokenBoards allowed him to make adjustments to the schedule in a timely manner to better manage resources and work flow.

Having the magnetic board in one office produced a series of inefficiencies. When massive scheduling changes were needed, it involved moving a whole lot of magnets. The constant stream of employees in and out of his office throughout the workday to check the schedule was routine and disruptive. When changes were made to the board in the office, employees working on the floor had outdated information resulting in production and shipping delays. With TokenBoards, we took those hard-to-manage magnetic boards and moved them online. This provided employees changes in real-time to view from their work stations or desks instead of hiking across a plant to an office to view the updates.

About TokenBoards

TokenBoards is a product of IT Impact, Inc., a software development firm located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. If you would like to empower your organization with an enhanced solution, please contact our sales team!

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